Do you have a concern about a young person?

What to do if you are concerned about a child or young person


Recognise           Respond           Record           Refer


At the heart of all safeguarding is the importance of being able to recognise when a child is, or might be at risk of serious harm and know how to respond to the child and the situation. Know how to Record what you have been told or seen and the actions you take, and refer to the appropriate agency. 

Guidance on how to do this needs to be included in your organisation's safeguarding procedures. And it should also be a part of the Safeguarding training you provide to volunteers, paid staff and members of your management committee. 


Not sure about what to do? 

This flow chart has been developed by the Early Years team in Wolverhampton but it is helpful to any organisation to find out how to respond to any concerns you may have. 

what to do if you are concerned about a child or young person.jpg

 Download flow chart

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If you are concerned about a child or young person outside of your work/volunteering setting you can call the NSPCC helpline on 0808 800 5000 or text 88858

Don't forget if you are concerned that a child or young person is at immediate risk of serious harm contact the Police on 999 

Has anyone acted inappropriately towards a child or young person you know through the internet?

It may be sexual chat, being asked to do something that makes them feel uncomfortable or someone being insistent on meeting up. You can report it directly to the:

The Child Exploitation &  Online Protection centre - internet safety (CEOP)