Policies and Procedures

There are a number of policies and procedures groups and organisations who work with children and young people should have in place to run effectively and to help ensure the organisation, its staff and volunteers and its service users are 'safe and sound'.
These essential policies and procedures include :

  • A Safeguarding Children (child protection) policy - which has been reviewed in the last 12 months, and includes safer recruitment processes, managing allegations against employees and volunteers, a code of conduct for staff, how to recognise, respond, record and refer any safeguarding concerns
  • A Healthy & Safety policy - which includes includes information for incident reporting, risk assessments on all activities
  • An Equal Opportunities / Equality and Diversity policy - this outlines your organisation's commitment to valuing diversity and upholding principles around equality. This will include details of how you will monitor your organisation's: service delivery; recruitment, selection and retention; publicity amongst other things
  • A Financial Controls policy - which details how you look after and manage your finances including account and payment signatories, petty cash etc

If your organisation does not have any of these in place you can contact the YOW team on 01902 328985 for advice and guidance.
Other policies and procedures whih you might need coudl include:

  • Confidentiality policy
  • Whistleblowing Policy
  • Compliments, Comments and Complaints policy
  • Information Security/ Data protection policy
  • Disciplinary and grievance policy
  • Safeguarding Adults policy